Emma Watson’s response to the nude photo leak threats

That’s a bad ass move!

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So I tortured myself by watching the first episode of the new TO season and… well, despite all the uncountable things that are just so wrong the thing that bothered my the most was that they thought it’ll be a good idea to let Klaus ‘mourn’ by doing absolutely NOTHING!!! If there is one person that would mourn by ripping off heads and spilling innocent blood it’ll be Klaus! If anything they effectively would’ve drawn attention to them by NOT letting him kill folks!! If I were Francesca I would be SO suspicious about that!


But logic is a kind of magic that doesn’t exist in that universe!


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*finishes tv show, movie or book*

*immediately searches tag on Tumblr*

*getting mildly disappointed when it’s all just about shipping instead of the actual story*


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thoughts-of-a-dying-enthusiast: Hi! I recently started following you and I absolutely LOVE your tw meta, especially the ones tied to stiles being something! (I just wish you wouldn't tie it so obsessively to Derek. My guess is he might has an idea about stiles being different (1)


but in the end he’s just as clueless as everybody else. But through you I have an understanding of sterek, which I never considered shipping before.) Anyway, to the thing you wrote about the oni only testing supernatural beings and dismissing it as we should never assume anything in tw. I think you’re wrong! I think they’re ONLY going for supernaturals and that this is probably the biggest indicator that stiles IS something! (sorry for the pieced ask) (3)


Hi and thank you for you nice words regarding the meta. I must admit Stiles Is Something (SIS) is my favorite part as well, you might call it my mantra even, hehe.

I suppose i do tie it a lot of it to Derek as you point out, but the way i read the text i do see the connections between the characters and point them out. But everyone is entitled to their own interpretations of course. And it’s nice to hear that you at least understand sterek and where it’s coming from.

I had to backtrack my tags to see what i’ve written about oni, because i couldn’t really remember having said much about them one way or the other. I did however find this post, where someone suggested that the Oni going after stiles might be a sign that he was supernatural.

I think we actually sort of agree about the Oni and the Supernatural part - my point was that i usually didn’t include that point in my list over things that might suggest Stiles is something because it’s not explisitly said that the oni only go after supernatural  - it’s an assumption that we make based on who they target. They didn’t go after Allison and she was human, and i find just one data point to be too little to draw a conclusion based on. If there had been more humans in the pack and they were all ignored it would be more obvious.

The oni did eye Danny for a while at the loft but didn’t go after him - was that because he was human? Or is he too something but they just didn’t perceive him as a risk at the moment? Or is he like Stiles and Lydia used to be - someone with a supernatural dormat ability not yet activted? Ever since Deucalion made Ethan watch over Danny the theory that he’s somehow involved is strengthend. But i digress.


What i wanted to say was that we don’t really know a hundred percent whether the Oni went after Stiles because they sensed the possession in him, human or not, or because he is supernatural and they wanted to test him too. Personally however I think your point is correct, and it is a strong indicator of his “something-ness”. But it’s another one of those hints that gets ignored by the others because of circumstance.

So let’s celebrate that with a sexy possessed!stiles gif!


Uh I always enjoy a nice possessed!stiles gif!

I LOVE your bisexual theory about stiles! It makes so much sense for his behaviour. When he’s talking to Danny or his genuine interest in his appeal towards gay people and especially during this conversation:

They disguise it as joke, but I’m convinced he genuinely thinking about the question! Now the thing about sterek is that I get where it’s coming from and even though I don’t particularly ship it, it’s absolutely undeniable that they have a strong connection! The thing is just I see sterek like stydia. It’s rather obvious to me that stiles has feeling for him, but derek for me is a strong 90% straight and sees stiles only as a friend, same as lydia! They both have a love for stiles but 1) it is only platonic and 2) even if it’s romantic it will never come close to how stiles loves them! which leaves stiles here as genuinely fucked (and not in a good way…) It’s actually hard for me to ship him with anyone, cause I always come to the conclusion that nobody is good enough for him, but that’s personal.

As for the oni issue: I am CONVINCED they were only looking supernaturals! If they were looking for just a possession, they would’ve been obligated to test allison too, because she also where part of the nemeton experience. She also died and gave power to the nemeton and opened a door to the other side! But they didn’t test her. In fact they completely ignored her!

My guess with Danny is, like you pointed out that he is a supernatural yet to be revealed (although unfortunately not, cause he kinda vanished from the show…) Ethan ‘stalking’ him is a good hint for that. My guess is that the oni didn’t attack him because his spark hasn’t ignited yet and they clearly saw that. But when they approached stiles they immediately saw that there was something off about him! (hell, everybody could see there was something off!)

I love your whole third eye theory! It’s so solid and logical to me that I’d be utterly disappointed if they don’t go there! I just wish we’d know more about stiles mom, cause I feel his supernatural properties are closely tied to her!



When they make a black widow movie, the trailer needs to be all mysterious and the song playing needs to be Scarlett Johansson singing a lullaby cover of the itsy bitsy spider

I need this in my life

I have chills just thinking about it






you can put this device on any surface and it will actually type. like. this is a hologram. a HOLOGRAM. I CAN TYPE WITH A HOLOGRAM NOW.

its sold by Brookstone and fucking damn it is the most fascinating thing i have seen in my life so far holy god

Wait wait wait is this like a you hook it up to a computer and type on the light and then words?

yup. simple bluetooth hookup and boom. you’re done. you can now type on your desk with a hologram to send texts, make notes, do literally anything a keyboard can do.

Woah. Woah. WOAH

It’s sold by ThinkGeek too! But it is quite expensive

This is genius and if they go even further, they could offer different types of keyboards (like chinese, russian, arabic etc.) as download! so you don’t have to buy an entire additional keyboard, when you want to switch into another alphabet!

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One that maintains a conversation record.





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It stinks….

And a proper blocking option.

fucking PLEASE




Harry Potter au where Harry didn’t lose being a parsletongue and Albus buys a snake as a pet one year because snakes are cool and one day just walks in on Harry and the snake having a deep conversation

Albus is 17 and loses his virginity in his room and forgets the snake talks to his dad and when Harry gets home the snake is all like OH MY GOSH YOU’D NEVER GUESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS WHAT HAPPENED